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The Plaza Terra Viva Foundation strives to improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental conditions of Begur, a small town located in Catalonia, Spain. At Terra Viva, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to drive sustainable development and protect the natural resources that make our community unique. Our goal is to create lasting positive impacts on the people, fauna and flora of this region.


Our essence

We believe that nature, culture and people are interconnected and interdependent. We strive for a sustainable future where economic development is balanced with ecological preservation, social justice and cultural diversity. Our essence is reflected in our commitment to community engagement, education and collaboration with like-minded organizations.


Our promise

At Terra Viva, we are committed to tirelessly working towards the improvement of social conditions, fauna and flora in Begur. Our foundation provides support to local communities, government agencies and ecological organizations to create a greener and fairer region. Our goal is to foster a sustainable culture of local collaboration and development with the help of cutting-edge technology, expert knowledge and innovative approaches.


Our personality

The personality of the Foundation is optimistic, approachable, reliable and innovative. We believe in building trust and fostering strong relationships with our stakeholders, such as residents, tourist organizations, government agencies and sustainable organizations. Our goal is to foster a sense of pride, collaboration and ownership in preserving Begur’s unique heritage, culture and biodiversity.


Our voice

Terra Viva is passionate, inspiring, educational and practical. We actively communicate our values to the public through various channels such as social media, events and community outreach programs. We aim to educate and inspire people to take action towards a sustainable future for Begur and beyond.


Our message

Our message is driven by a set of core values, which include:

  • Sustainability and environmental preservation: We strive for a sustainable future by preserving the natural resources that make our region unique.
  • Fair distribution of resources and opportunities: Our focus is on creating access to resources and opportunities for all members of the community to ensure a fair distribution of wealth, knowledge, and benefits.
  • Commitment to community and social development: We believe that people are key to the success of sustainable development. Thus, we foster local collaboration and social development.
  • Preservation and cultural diversity: Our goal is to preserve Begur’s diverse cultural heritage through the promotion of various cultural events.
  • Innovative and educational practices: We actively use innovative and educational practices to promote sustainable development and environmental protection.


In short, we are built on the foundation of sustainability, community engagement and innovative practices. Our sole purpose is to create a more sustainable and equitable future for Begur by inspiring, educating, and engaging with stakeholders in the community. The personality of our brand represents our value for collaboration, optimism, reliability, and innovation. Ultimately, our goal is to help create a more livable and vibrant community that values environmental preservation and social development.


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